Charity games bundle makes $2.1m

Tuesday 27 September 2011 10:05

The third Humble Indie Bundle, a pay-what-you-want collection of independently developed games, broke the $2 million mark on its final day on sale.

The two week promotion started off by offering five popular indie games, allowing supporters to decide how their donation would be split between the developers, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the Child's Play children's hospital charity.

As the promotion continued, those first five were joined by a free trial for Minecraft, two more indie games and, for anyone who rose above a running average payment, the previous Humble Indie Bundle.

Each game was without copy-protection, redeemable on the popular Steam and Desura download services, and playable on Windows PC, Mac, and Linux.

With an average purchase price of $5.82, a total of $2,167,865.55 was raised. In keeping with previous Humble trends, users of the (usually) free Linux system gave most (average $12) while Windows users scraped $4.90.

Hefty sums came from the indie community itself, with Markus Persson ( Minecraft), Aeron Hibberd ( Pigeon Projectiles),and  Jonathan Blow ( Braid, Witness) despositing $2k-$4k each.

MMO programmer Cliff Jolly ( Star Trek Online) once again plumped for $1,024, but it was digital currency business Mt Gox that topped the philanthropic league.

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