Current Twitter trends: 'Paranormal Activity 2,' Ryder Cup, Ayodhya verdict, death of Tony Curtis

Sunday 18 September 2011 14:57

The name of American horror film " Paranormal Activity" has taken the top position in Twitter's most talked about topics on the morning of October 1.

" Paranormal Activity" is a term being promoted on Twitter to advertise the release of the sequel, Paranormal Activity 2, a film due to start screening in the US on October 22.

"#bedroomturnoffs," "#notinterested" and "#octoberwish" are in second, third and fourth places while the name of golf competition the "Ryder" Cup makes it into fifth place in the charts.

"Government pleased with response to Ayodhya verdict, says Chidambaram," "One day people will laugh about how a high court of the biggest democracy passed a verdict concerning where the man in the sky was born" and "I see the verdict as a spineless one. One announced without looking at any of the facts. To avoid chaos" tweeted bloggers referring to the Indian High Court's Ayodhya "verdict," a term trending in sixth place.

American "silver screen legend" Tony Curtis passed away at the age of 85 and people on Twitter are paying their respects with a tweet.

The (wrongly spelled) name of Jersey Shore reality TV housemate "Snookie" is in seventh place, the Dutch word for good morning ("Goedemorgen") is in ninth place, and "Nigeria," celebrating 50 years of independence, makes it into the charts in tenth place.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on October 1 at 7:30 AM GMT are:

  1. Paranormal Activity (promoted)
  2. #bedroomturnoffs (new)
  3. #notinterested (new)
  4. #octoberwish (unchanged)
  5. Ryder (new)
  6. Verdict (new)
  7. Snookie (new)
  8. Curtis (new)
  9. Goedemorgen (re-entry)
  10. Nigeria (new)

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