Custom modder makes portable slimline Xbox 360

Monday 11 October 2010 20:45

Famed console modification guru Benjamin Heckendorm has lifted the lid on his latest completed project: a portable, laptop-style Xbox 360.

The design crams the latest edition of Microsoft's home console - the smaller, quieter 360 Slim - into a custom-made laptop case, complete with internal hard drive and a 17-inch (43cm) HD display.

Best of all, the entire process is explained by the enthusiastic engineer himself as part of his new video series, "The Ben Heck Show."

Three episodes in and the retail Xbox 360 Slim has been gutted and redesigned, ready to become a competition prize for one lucky viewer.

With three more episodes to finish his construction guide, Heckendorm has published photos of the finished project and a video showing it off in all its glory.

Those that like the laptop's look but don't rate their own soldering skills can order one to spec - but Mr. Heckendorm's time doesn't come cheap, reflected in the standard $3000-$6000 consumer cost for custom builds.

Other recent Heck hacks include laptop variants for PlayStation 3s old and new, and the 2007 Xbox 360 Elite design. He has also come up with several useful controller mods, such as the wireless Access Controller that can be used with one hand only.

Photos of the console mod can be seen at "The Ben Heck Show," currently uploaded every two weeks, is hosted by both the online TV nexus and tech site

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