The 10 Best outdoor speakers

It might not be worth risking them in the June drizzle, but when the sun's out this lot will brighten up your BBQ...

Samuel Muston
Tuesday 06 May 2014 16:38

1. Bose Sound Link Mobile

£300, amazon

Requiring a power supply, this one won't fare well if it rains or if you are in a park. But it packs a punch in terms of volume and bass.

2. SpeakerCraft OG Three Outdoor Satellite Speakers

£175, ceiling-speakershop

Despite appearances, this is not a garden lamp – it's a discreet speaker encased in aluminium.

3. Griffin AirCurve Play

£13, amazon

Instead of electricity, this uses acoustic amplification, so you can listen all afternoon with no thought of AA batteries.

4. Monitor audio CL50

£225, audiovisualonline

Pretty, these certainly aren't – but looks aren't everything. They're tough, waterproof and heat resistant with great treble and bass.

5. Doodle OrigAudio

£18, zazzle

Not the most powerful or pitch perfect of speakers – but perhaps the prettiest. Each one comes with a coloured fabric cover.

6. Veho 360

£14, amazon

This is fine for an inexpensive and portable Bluetooth speaker that you can run off your iPad, iPod or smartphone.

7. John Lewis Frontier

£40, johnlewis

Go all 1980s Brooklyn with your very own boombox. Just slot your iPod into the front of the battery-powered player and you're away.

8. Yamaha NS-AW392

£149, amazon

The odd rain shower doesn't scare Yamaha. These two-way 120-watt speakers are nearly – but not quite totally – waterproof.

9. Soundcast Outcast JR

£429, amazon

Part-time audiophiles need not apply, this is a serious bit of "weather resistant" outdoor kit and that's reflected in the price.

10. Jawbone Jambox

£109, amazon

The most enviable speaker in the park this summer is the ice-cool Jambox. It's light, fits into your bag and recharges via a USB port.

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