Games Review: Burn Zombie Burn!

PSN, Doublesix, £6.29

Rebecca Armstrong
Monday 12 October 2015 15:54

There’s nothing like a swarm of zombies to get

the adrenalin flowing, and, as the title suggests,

Burn Zombie Burn! is all about cutting a

swathe through the undead. Influenced by

classic American horror flicks, the action is fast

and furious, if a little rough and ready around

the edges. The only goal – other than surviving –

is to score big points, which you obtain by

obliterating zombies in as many and as bloody

ways as possible. Think burning, shooting and

wrestling as tides of zombies flood every inch

of the screen. With just six levels, this is bite-sized

gaming at its best, and at a bargain PlayStation

Network price.

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