Titan Attacks 3DS review: a Space Invaders tribute act

£7.99 (eShop); Nintendo 3DS; Puppy Games

Toby Clarke
Monday 09 March 2015 12:19

Aliens from the planet Titan are attacking Earth, and it’s your job to ward them off. A lone screenshot will tell you all you need to know about Titan Attacks, a new download available from Nintendo’s eShop on 3DS. Strongly reminiscent of Space Invaders, it aims to add a fresh lick of paint and a few new mechanics to the classic arcade shoot-em-up.

Earning cash as you shoot down various types of enemy craft allows you to upgrade your tank-like ship between stages. Investing your earnings carefully becomes key, choosing whether to upgrade the power of your ship’s cannons now, or save for a few more stages, and buy an additional turret or nova bomb. It’s a simple system to add a bit of variety and choice to what is overall a very linear experience.

It’s also a very familiar experience, which works as both a positive and negative. While the mechanics are quick to pick up and understand, it’s hard to shake the feeling that you’ve played a better version of this game elsewhere. The title doesn’t feel fresh or particularly challenging. The graphics are stylised and fun but nothing new, and the developer surely missed a trick by not including any kind of 3D support.

Unfortunately, it feels like Titan Attacks doesn’t really do enough to justify its existence. Early levels feel too similar to the original arcade inspiration and although the action does heat up in later stages, it never really elevates itself beyond being a tribute act.

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