Sea, the police's eternal nemesis
Sea, the police's eternal nemesis

Watch Dogs gamer spots facepalmingly obvious glitch with police evasion

Just go for a dip.

Christopher Hooton
Wednesday 28 May 2014 14:13

Watch Dogs has garnered very positive reviews upon its launch on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One today, drawing comparisons with GTA 5, but it seems Los Santos' police department has the edge on Chicago's.

A gamer spotted within hours of getting the game that it appears to have no water patrol police force, so if you get a bounty and just jump in the water you can't be caught.

Combine this with then hopping in a passing boat and you can get out of the view of the helicopter chasing you and thus lose your bounty instantly.

The oversight caused much mirth one Reddit, where one user imagined the police radio conversation: "'Johnson, what's the situation?' 'It's dire sir.. He's made it to the water' 'God damnit Johnson! That's the third one we've lost this week.'"

Watch Dogs offers players the opportunity to work with or against the law, operating as a criminal or a vigilante.

Aside from this oversight, initial reviews for the title have been good, with many describing it as 'polished' with impressive gameplay mechanics when it comes to shooting, driving and stealth, even if it lacks the nuance of its obvious rival, Grand Theft Auto V.

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