Here’s why Samsung’s smart new Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G is our number one pick for families

There’s no reason why kids using a tablet should simply mean them staring at a screen. The new Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G is full of smart, interactive features which can be used by the whole family... many of which you might not realise at first glance.

Thursday 28 October 2021 08:57

Forget cheap, low-spec gadgets made specifically for kids. The all-new Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G boasts a beautiful 12.4” AMOLED display (most tablets have LCD screens), near-endlessly customisable Android interface and super fast charging, making it our pick in the latest tablet tech. But, beyond the market-leading spec, the new Samsung tablet can be enjoyed by the whole family, thanks to its clever settings, modes and apps. Think: premium tech in one safe, family-friendly package.

Here’s why the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G is our number one tablet choice for all the family…

Samsung Kids mode gives you premium tablet tech in a kid-friendly format

All parents know the unique mix of guilt and relief which comes with sitting children in front of a screen for some quiet time when you’re in quick need of diffusing a mid-afternoon meltdown. Samsung’s latest tablet alleviates any niggles of screentime shame by instead giving them a new, intuitive way to interact and learn.

Just swipe down from the home screen and select the ‘Samsung Kids’ mode from the Quick Panel, and hand over to your little one – it’ll turn your tablet into a fun and educational hub, full of state-of-the-art learning and creativity apps pre-selected especially for little ones. Kids are free to use the tablet in Kids mode without straying into the regular operating system, with full adult service resuming only when you unlock it with your PIN.

High quality entertainment streaming for all the family

When it is time to enjoy some film or TV time together, this tablet’s slick, super fast 5G internet connection means you can stream and download entertainment in a flash – and have their favourite Youtube channel playing before your child can even start wailing for it. With native apps like Disney+, Netflix Kids and Youtube Kids, the whole family can watch their favourite shows, movies and channels anywhere, and in stunning AMOLED Quad HD+ quality. The tablet’s 10,090mAh battery means it packs an impressive 13 hours of battery life while streaming videos, so it’s ideal for smoothly playing cartoons and games on long car journeys and taking away on holidays, for example. Yes, this tablet will stay powered through even the most intense Peppa Pig-athon.

Plus, everything is always gorgeously displayed on the Samsung Galaxy Tablet S7 FE 5G’s vivid AMOLED Quad HD+ screen, too . It’s a far cry from the lesser tech usually bestowed upon kid-specific devices – Paw Patrol has never looked so good.

Write and draw with no mess

Step up handwriting practice, wherever you are, with the ultra responsive S-Pen stylus, included as standard with the Samsung Galaxy Tablet S7 FE 5G. So easy is the low-latency S-Pen to pick up and scribble with, that children can use it to draw on the built-in notes app, colour, and practise their handwriting, as well as using it to play with the latest creative learning apps, all without any mess or surplus crayons required. Plus, you can save their creations and instantly share to your other devices with Samsung Quick Share: cutest desktop wallpaper, ever.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Create an integrated family smart home

In a family home, there’s one priority we place above all others: simplicity. The Samsung ecosystem is seriously smart, and that means syncing the Samsung Galaxy Tablet S7 FE 5G with the rest of your home tech is the easiest way to set up your interconnected smart home. Start off the bedtime routine by switching off the TV, then turning your Samsung SmartThings bulbs to a soft night light, and even playing your kids’ favourite audiobook – all controlled by a tap on your super smart tablet. Who knew such smart tech could be so… simple?

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