CES 2019: LG unveils futuristic roll-up TV that disappears into its base

The Signature Series OLED 4K television appears at the touch of a button

Anthony Cuthbertson@ADCuthbertson
Tuesday 08 January 2019 12:26
LG unveils futuristic roll-up TV

LG has unveiled the world's first consumer-ready rollable television at the CES 2019 trade show in Las Vegas.

The South Korean electronics giant said the "revolutionary form factor" of its Signature OLED TV R will define the next generation of television.

A concept for the roll-up screen was first demonstrated at the world's biggest technology showcase in 2016 but it has taken three years to develop a commercially viable version of the television.

The Signature OLED forms part of a new trend that has seen manufacturers attempt to diminish the presence of large televisions in the living room when they are not in use.

Samsung's answer is Ambient Mode, a setting that blends the screen with the wall behind it when it is on standby. The firm claims owners "won't notice the TV on the wall", as it merges with the room's decor.

Samsung's Ambient Mode helps TVs to be less conspicuous when not in use

LG has gone one-step further with its design, making the television screen disappear from view completely at the touch of a button.

"LG's rollable OLED TV is a true game-changer, freeing users from the limitations of the wall and allowing them to curate their own personal space," the firm said.

The Signature OLED TV R, a roll-up television, is presented by LG at CES 2019 in Las Vegas on January 7, 2019

The TV will be available in the US before the end of the year, though LG is yet to set a price or release date.

Industry experts said they expect the technology to appeal to consumers, given the right price point.

“We’re really excited to see that the Signature R OLED, LG’s rollable TV, will actually go on sale this year," said Anne Eaglesfield, head of consumer electronics at Argos.

"It will offer viewers a more flexible viewing experience, such as being able to open a third of the screen to see the weather and watching the unrolled screen for movies. It will also provide more control over the space typically occupied by the TV as users can choose to roll it away at specific times."

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