Google issues sassy GIF instead of 'no comment'

It clarified the GIF was its official response

Christopher Hooton
Friday 27 March 2015 13:45

More proof that in the future mankind will communicate entirely through emoji and GIFs, Google this week issued a journalist with one of the latter for his article instead of a comment.

Upon asking for a response to his scoop about YouTube planning an eSports livestreaming platform to rival Amazon's Twitch, The Daily Dot's Richard Lewis was sent the above GIF of a toddler shrugging.

He initially misinterpreted this as an indication that the company would not be commenting on the report, but it turned out it intended for the GIF to be embedded in the piece as its official response.

"The GIF really is our official response," a spokesperson was quoted as saying. "It technically wasn't a decline to comment and would appreciate if you could update your story."

GIFS as replacements for press statements, do they make you…



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