The profit margin on an iPhone 6 could be as high as 69 per cent
The profit margin on an iPhone 6 could be as high as 69 per cent

iMessage down: users unable to send texts on iPhones and other Apple devices

Messages either aren’t sending at all or are being slow to go through, according to reports

Andrew Griffin
Tuesday 23 June 2015 15:49

Apple’s iMessage texting system has been hit by problems, leaving many unable to send texts from their iPhones or other Apple devices.

The issue is not showing up on Apple’s own status page. But many social media users are reporting problems with the system — though reports are slowly dying down.

For some users, messages aren’t sending at all on either iMessage or through SMS. For others they are sending slowly or not sending images.

Restarting the device seems to fix the problem on some phones, as does turning iMessage on and off in the Settings app. But for many that temporarily fixes the issue, which then comes back.

The problems do not seem to be there for all users and reports have been slowly dying down since the problems hit overnight.

The iMessage service lets people send texts between Apple devices using a data connection, avoiding the cost of a text message. It is built into all of Apple’s devices, including its iPads, laptops and computers, which means that people can text even if they’re not on their phone.

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