iPhone 5se: Leaked pictures claim to show new, small phone

The phone appears to be an iPhone 6s in something much like the iPhone 5's body

Andrew Griffin
Friday 26 February 2016 16:32

New drawings claim to show the upcoming iPhone 5se — and it looks very familiar.

The new, smaller phone will look almost identical to the existing iPhone 5 and 5s, if the leaks are genuine. There are few differences to the outside, including the addition of slightly rounded edges and a move of the sleep and power button to the side rather than the top.

But the insides will feature up-to-date components, according to other leaks. It will feature a fast processor and features from the newest phones, such as the moving images that are known as Live Photos.

The leaks come from a case maker, and have been drawn up on based on the expected specifications of the new phone.

Before recent leaks, many had expected that the phone would be a shrunken version of the iPhone 6s, in both its external design as well as its internal components. But if the new leaks are confirmed they appear to show that the phone will be designed far more like the iPhone 5s.

That would also explain the phone’s slightly unusual rumoured name. Most leaks had previously referred to the phone as an iPhone 6c, but it has now been called the iPhone 5se — would which make sense since the phone is more akin to an upgraded version of that older phone.

Apple is expected to unveil the new phone at an event on 15 March, and might release it just days after. That same event is also expected to see the unveiling of a new iPad and Apple Watch accessories.

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