Trump is currently beating Bush in most opinion polls
Trump is currently beating Bush in most opinion polls redirects to Donald Trump's website, and no-one knows why

Could Trump have bought Bush's $250,000 domain name to redirect it to his own website?

Doug Bolton
Tuesday 08 December 2015 15:03

Followers of the ongoing race for the Republican presidential candidacy have spotted something unusual -, the address that you would assume goes to the website for Republican candidate Jeb Bush, actually redirects to, the official website for Trump's presidential bid.

The website was available for a long time - a CNN Money feature from April that looked at the prices of various candidate-related URLs found that was going for $250,000 (£167,000), and was owned by, a domain name registration service.

It's not clear who actually bought and set it to send users to Trump's website - using Whois lookup sites to check who owns the domain reveals nothing.

However, given the hefty price of the domain, it's unlikely that a Trump supporter bought the domain to give The Donald a boost, suggesting it could have been done by Trump's campaign, although there’s no evidence to prove this.

Jeb's official campaign website is actually the much less catchy

Unfortunately for Jeb, he's a victim of domain hijacking elsewhere on the web - as Engadget reports, goes to a blog run by a gay couple.

And links to a Republican site that claims he is actually a "radical social liberal" masquerading as a Republican.

The mystery is just another unusual development in a campaign that still has a long seven months to go.

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