Mr Cook visits the Shanghai No. 4 School for the Deaf
Mr Cook visits the Shanghai No. 4 School for the Deaf

Kids coding languages are the future, says Apple boss Tim Cook from China

The company supports the 'Hour of Code', an international programme to encourage children to learn programming skills

Andrew Griffin
Monday 04 December 2017 13:59

Apple boss Tim Cook has spoken out about the importance of children learning to code.

The CEO has frequently said that teaching children to program computers is one of the most important skills they can have. That same mission has been taken up by Apple, which encourages kids to take part in sessions in schools and at its own stores.

Now Mr Cook has repeated his support for the "Hour Of Code" programme, which aims to teach every child at least some basic programming tools.

To make clear that support, the Apple boss has headed to China and sat in on a session at a school for the deaf there, in which students learnt some programming skills.

"Coding is the language of the future, giving people of all ages and backgrounds the chance to create something new," Mr Cook wrote on Twitter. "Thanks to Shanghai No. 4 School for the Deaf for letting me join your #HourOfCode session!"

Companies across the tech industry have given their support to such schemes. Google, for instance, is currently running its first ever programming Doodle – which allows children to play through a game and learn basic coding as they go.

Apple has a similar piece of software, called Swift Playgrounds. That also encourages children to learn how to code by guiding a character through a maze, using the logical and practical skills required to become good at programming.

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