Snapchat: How to add your Bitmoji and a friend’s digital avatar to a Snap

You can resize them and make them interact with each other

Aatif Sulleyman
Tuesday 27 February 2018 13:09
Snapchat launches new feature which lets Bitmojis interact with eachother

Snapchat now lets you place digital versions of yourself and your friends inside Snaps – and they can interact with each other too.

The company has launched a new World Lens called 3D Friendmoji Deluxe, which lets you create highly personalised augmented reality scenes you can share with other Snapchat users.

To take a 3D Friendmoji Snap, you first need to build your own Bitmoji Deluxe avatar – through the Bitmoji app – and ensure your friends have created their own too.

After that, link it with your Snapchat account, open a chat with a friend and tap the circular Capture button, which will open the camera view.

Once you’ve chosen your scene, tap and hold the screen and select the Friendmoji Lens from the carousel, then add your Bitmoji and your friend’s Bitmoji to the Snap.

You can resize them and make them move around too.

Snapchat last month rolled out a major new update to the Bitmoji app, which lets you build much more accurate-looking Bitmoji.

The update added a variety of new physical attributes, including hairstyles, skin tones and facial features, and was designed to help users build more “inclusive” and “accurate” avatars.

You can, however, return to older versions of the app – Bitstrips or Bitmoji Classic (formerly Bitmoji) – through the Settings menu.

Snapchat’s augmented reality features have long been a huge draw for users, and the launch of 3D Friendmoji Deluxe aims to build on that.

According to the company, Snapchat users “now [play] with AR for over 500 years each day – averaging over 3 minutes per Snapchatter, per day”.

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