Video games travelogue goes free

Sunday 18 September 2011 16:16

This Gaming Life: Travels in Three Cities explores video games and what they can mean, as author and game journalist Jim Rossignol travelled in England, Korea, and Iceland. First pressed and distributed by the University of Michigan in 2008, the publishing house have now released it free of charge as part of the DigitalCultureBooks imprint.

Rossignol is well known among the PC gaming community as a result of his work for WIRED, PC Gamer, and Rock Paper Shotgun. The book is based on his experiences meeting PC enthusiasts in London, celebrity StarCraft players in Korea, and an excursion to Iceland, home of sci-fi space simulation EVE Online.

While digital books are not new - the Project Gutenberg stocks a huge amount of copyright-free classic literature, and both Amazon and Sony were manufacturing eReaders long before the iPad hit stores - This Gaming Life and other titles from DigitalCultureBooks are also available as paid-for print books and, in TGL's case, in eReader format.

Other titles such as The Best of Technology Writing 2006-2008, Skate Life, and Wiki Writing are also available for free via For those wanting to dive in straight away, there is a separate index page for This Gaming Life.

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