Why a virtual private network is a necessity this holiday season

Friday 12 November 2021 18:23

The holiday season is a time of wonderful surprises: seeing people for the first time in months or years, eating fantastic food, receiving and giving presents.

But it can also be a time of nasty shocks, too. They come in many forms, from accidentally buying someone a gift they already have to having your personal information stolen at the worst possible time.

A virtual private network, or VPN, can’t help with the former problem, but it can do a lot about the latter. It is a way of protecting yourself around the internet and really controlling how people see you as you browse – and stopping them from stealing you at all.

As such, they are incredibly valuable to have at any time of the year, especially if you are concerned about your own privacy and security. But they are an absolute necessity during the holiday period, when there are so many more opportunities for things to go wrong and so many worse ways for those bad things to happen.

Simple and secure

A VPN might sound technical – and behind the scenes it is, which is why you want to ensure you are with a trustworthy company like Pure VPN. The complexity of a virtual private network and the sensitivity of what they do mean that it is always important to use a provider you can really depend on.

PureVPN is the only virtual private network operator that has an “always-on” audit. That means that major auditing firm KPMG can ask at any time to check the way the company is working, without prior notice, on your behalf as a customer.

But while the idea and the technology might be complicated, the principle is really quite simple. It effectively works as a cloak you can put over your internet browsing: protecting it from snooping or location checks, and ensuring that people are not able to watch you as you move around the web.

Using one is really simple, too. Once the VPN is enabled – and PureVPN offers a simple app and support if anything is not immediately obvious – then you can just browse around the web as you normally would.

Except behind the scenes a lot has changed. You will be wearing that protective cloak and keeping yourself safe.

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No compromise on speed

With some VPNs, you’ll notice that you’re using it because the internet is slower – since your traffic is being routed through the provider’s service, it can sometimes get in the way. PureVPN avoids that with a huge network of servers and an architecture that allows it to provide speeds of 20Gbps – making it fast enough that it is already to provide whatever you are looking for.

And while nothing might have changed from the outside, it will have changed a lot to anyone trying to watch you. The technology ensures that you are protected and anonymous as you browse, with your connection being entirely encrypted – meaning there is no way for anyone to intercept your browsing for whatever nefarious purpose they are aiming at.

That is especially key when you are travelling through the holiday period and using other WiFi networks – whether that’s a coffee shop as you drive, an airport lounge, or the internet at somebody else’s house. Without a VPN, the operators of those networks could see what you are up to; with one, you are hidden from them.

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Travel wherever you like, watch whatever you like

You can also decide how you appear to the internet, too; in effect changing that cloak for whatever you need. If you have travelled to another country, for instance, you’ll be able to get unrestricted access to your library at home; you can watch without the geographical restrictions, firewalls or censorship that you might experience either at home or wherever you are travelling to.

So if you want to keep up with your favourite show on US Netflix, for instance, but find that while travelling you can’t get it, you can get your VPN to put your back in your home country. The same applies with other countries and streaming services.

And it’s not just travelling that a VPN is useful during the holiday period. It could prove useful before, too, as you do your online shopping.

So-called dynamic pricing means that some stores change what price they show depending on what they think you’ll pay, by tracking you around the internet. But once again, a VPN shuts down that tracking and ensures that shops can’t see where or who you are, potentially saving you money.

Get Pure VPN on offer for £0.96 a month with a 5 year plan.

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