Weekly video game releases: 'Kingdom Hearts: Recoded', 'DC Universe Online'

Wednesday 29 December 2010 01:00

Kingdom Hearts: Recoded arrives on Nintendo DS, as does Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective later on in January. Heroes and villains of DC's comic books combine for DC Universe Online on PC and PlayStation 3. On the horizon are LittleBigPlanet 2 and the PlayStation 3 version of Mass Effect 2.

Lost in Shadow (Wii) aka A Shadow's Tale
Release: North America, January 4. Already out Europe and Japan.
Age rating: Everyone 10+

A boy's shadow has to get to the top of a tower by climbing on, jumping between, and at times doing battle with other shadows cast within it. European reviews indicate that it's not for everyone, but some will fall in love with it.
Price: $39/€39/£35

Kingdom Hearts: Recoded (DS)
Release: North America, January 11. Europe, January 14.
Age rating: Everyone 10+ / 12+

Continuing the Disney / Square Enix crossover from Kingdom Hearts II on the PlayStation 2, Recoded stars Mickey Mouse, Jiminy Cricket, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Malificent, Sleeping Beauty's wicked fairy.
Price: $34/€34/£29

Plants vs Zombies (DS)
Release: North America, January 18.
Age rating: Everyone 10+

Popcap's simplified tower defense game, made most famous by its iPhone version. Extra mini-games, customizable zombies, and a 2-player mode attempt to justify the increase in price as compared to the $2.99 (€2.39/£1.79) iOS favorite.
Price: $19

DC Universe Online (PC, PlayStation 3)
Release: North America, January 11. Europe, January 14.
Age rating: Teen / 16+

Sony follow up on their massively multiplayer online games EverQuest II and Free Realms by looking to dethrone the City of Heroes & Villains series. This adventure stars Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, and a whole host of heroes and villains from the DC Comics stable.
Price: $49 / €49 (PC), $59 / €59 (PS3), subcription $15 / €13 per month

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective (DS)
Release: North America, January 11. Europe, January 14
Age rating: Teen / 12+

From the creator of the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series, dead man Sissel has the chance to use his ghostly powers to help young detective Lynne and stop more mysterious murders - including her own - from occuring.
Price: $29 / €39 / £29

LittleBigPlanet 2 (PS3)
Release: North America, January 18. Europe, January 19 (UK, January 21).
Age rating: Everyone / 7+

The first LittleBigPlanet was known just as much for its cute sackboy and sackgirl characters as for the multitude of free levels created and shared by its players. LBP2 builds on that and this time players can make all kinds of games: racing, flying, shooting and action-packed puzzles for starters.
Price: $59 / €69 / £49
Collector's Edition: $79 / €79

Mass Effect 2 (PS3)
Release: North America, January 18. Europe, January 21.
Age rating: Mature / 18+

Already available on Xbox 360 and PC, this version of the award winning sci-fi adventure Mass Effect 2 for PlayStation 3 is built using tech from late 2011's Mass Effect 3.
Price: $59 / €59 / £49

Releasing during the week of January 25 are Two Worlds II (Xbox 360, PC, Mac) and Dead Space 2 (Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 3).

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