YouTube's most-watched videos of the week: Willow Smith, 2NE1 and an accident involving a giant watermelon

Friday 17 September 2010 19:45

Here are the week's most popular videos on YouTube.

1) willow smith-whip my hair new 2010 - Unofficial video of "Whip my hair," the debut club anthem from Willow Smith, the daughter of actor and rapper Will Smith. The nine-year-old has already signed a record deal with rapper Jay-Z's Roc Nation label. 2,940,358 views.

2) 2NE1- GO AWAY [HD] -One of three lead singles from the all girl Korean pop group 2NE1, pronounced as "to anyone." The song is sung in English interspersed with
Korean. 2,576,139 views.

3) Maroon 5- Give A Little More- The American rock band gets the party started in the video for its latest single "Give A Little More" from forthcoming album Hands All Over. 2,504,088 views.

4) 2NE1- CLAP YOUR HANDS ( ??? ) - Music video to "Clap your hands," one of three lead singles from Korean girl group 2NE1 who sing in a mixture of Korean and English. 2,631,329 views.

5) Cute Girl Has A Catchy Dance ­- Video of a young girl leading a group of adults in a catchy coordinated dance routine as part of the Samsung Galaxy 580 "Use your influence" advertising campaign. 2,619,284 views.

6) woman takes watermellon (sic) to face from giant slingshot -  Clip of a woman hitting herself, rather than the target when attempting to fire a watermelon from a slingshot. The clip is taken from the new series of the TV show The Amazing Race which premieres on American TV September 26.  2,112,865 views.

7) Rope Swing FAIL- from the FAIL Blog's collection of calamities, this video shows a woman attempting a rope swing over a river, only to land on the embankment.  1,974,115 views.

8) Herding Cats -A look behind IKEA UK's experiment to release 100 housecats into its Wembley store. The film crew ends up cutting a hole through an internal store wall in order to rescue a trapped cat. 1,894,053 views.

9) 2NE1 - CAN'T NOBODY [HD] -The third lead single from all girl band 2NE1, this dance anthem from the Korean group is from their self-titled debut album. 2,108,486 views.

10) The Original Human PAC-MAN Performance by Guillaume Reymond - As part of his 'Game Over' project Guillaume Reymond reconstructs the classic 80's arcade game Pac-Man using human volunteers dressed in different colored T-shirts. 1,732,781 views.

Ranking collected on on Friday, September 17, 2010.

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