Moving animated video shows reality of living with ADHD from a child's perspective

Boy faces several challenges, such as struggling with maths work and receiving strange looks from other children

Ross Logan
Friday 26 February 2016 17:20

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, is often used as shorthand to describe a naughty child who doesn’t behave themselves.

But as this moving short film demonstrates, it is a very real condition that requires love, patience and understanding.

Created by Swedish filmmaker Erik Rosenlund, the silent, animated short beautifully depicts a day in the life of a boy struggling with a most misunderstood condition.

Entitled "Falling Letters", it shows the boy at school, struggling to make sense of the jumble of words in front of him, before they fall symbolically off the page.

He encounters several other challenges throughout the day, including struggling in a maths class and receiving strange looks from other children as he makes shapes out of his food.

Finally, the boy misses his bus because he’s distracted momentarily by a flower – until his dad comes and rescues him in a heart-warming last scene.

The film has been watched more than 182,000 times on YouTube, and been widely praised by viewers for its considered depiction of ADHD.

One user wrote: “Finally someone creates a video about it, that doesn’t show energetic children jumping to one spot to the other place.”

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