Majority of parents 'plagued by guilt'

Sunday 23 October 2011 01:49

The majority of British parents believe they are doing a bad job of bringing up their children and are constantly plagued by guilt, a new survey has revealed.

According to its findings, mothers and fathers of teenagers are most likely to be hit with bouts of self doubt and confusion over how best to treat their offspring as they grow up.

Many seek parenting advice but while women turn to their friends as a first port of call, men are more likely to turn to their own mothers, the Onepoll study showed.

They are also more likely to pick up books and magazines or scour the website than their wives of partners.

Of those surveyed, more than half (54%) claimed they were not good mothers or fathers and said they lacked basic confidence in their ability.

Almost two thirds (63%) of those polled admitted they were racked with guilt on a daily basis over their perceived lack of parental skill.

Less than one fifth (19.03%) said they had total confidence in the way they raised their children and just one in four believed they were better parents than their own mothers and fathers.

The study of 2,000 parents, commissioned by Ross Burgers, suggested the most confident mothers and fathers could be found in Cardiff where more than a third (34%) said they had total confidence in their own child rearing abilities.

Worcester had the least confident parents, with just 5% believing they were doing a good job.

The survey was conducted in the first week of June.


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