The Priory launches do-it-yourself therapy

Arifa Akbar@arifa_akbar
Monday 30 September 2013 04:18

The Priory chain of clinics, which has helped a host of celebrities and the public triumph over problems, is launching a range of own-brand self-help products.

Therapeutic books, cassettes and videos bearing the famous name will be available in stores by the end of this year. The clinic has helped the likes of Kate Moss, Michael Barrymore and Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, although half the patients are referred by the NHS. Karen Croft, corporate communications manager of the hospital group, said executives devised the idea to reach out to people who may never get help.

"Neuroses, psychoses and mental diseases are just so common and people want hope and healing. The Priory brand is very aspirational in that we seek to destigmatise mental health. In a funny way, when people see certain well-known figures are going to The Priory, it seems like a positive and empowering move, because they are attempting to get their life back on track." Owned by Doughty Hanson and run by Dr Chai Patel, chief executive, The Priory incorporates 18 clinics for those willing to pay up to £320 a day to beat depression, eating disorders and serious addictions. The main clinic at Roehampton opened to affluent patients in the 17th century.

The self-help material being developed will aim to wean people off alcohol and drug dependency as well as eating disorders. It will also offer a range of relaxation therapies to aid "the feelgood factor". The do-it-yourself therapy packs will also help people to understand their condition.

Ms Croft said: "We will present it in a way that will be pleasurable and make people feel good about themselves. There may be pictures and music and relaxation techniques," Contributors will include Dr David Veale, who is a leading authority on body dysmophic disorder, and Dr Massimo Riccio, an expert in addictive disorders.

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