Timeline: The Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust scandal


Wednesday 06 February 2013 10:40

2002 – Commission for Health Improvement publishes highly critical report describing lack of governance, poor culture and some staff “under constant pressure.”

2003-08 – hospital death rate rises to 27 per cent above national average

2004 – Trust receives zero star rating from Healthcare Commission

2005 – David Nicholson appointed chief executive of Shropshire and Staffordshire Strategic Health Authority

2006 – Healthcare Commission rates the hospital “good” in its star ratings

2006 - Cynthia Bower appointed chief executive of West Midlands Strategic Health Authority

2006 – David Nicholson moves to be chief executive of NHS London before becoming head of the national NHS.

2007- Trust board concludes there are “no clinically significant problems” which can be attributed to the high death rate

2007 – Stafford patient group “Cure the NHS” formed

2008 – Trust granted foundation status by Monitor – chief executive Martin Yeates says: “We have joined the premier league”.

2009 – First inquiry - Healthcare Commission finds “appalling” care and says hundreds of patients died as a result of inadequate treatment and neglect.

2009 – Chair Toni Brisby resigns before Health Copmmission report is published. Chief executive Martin Yeates resigns in May

2009 – Royal College of Surgeons review of surgery department labels it “dysfunctional” and “frankly dangerous.”

Feb 2010 – Second inquiry – Independent inquiry by Robert Francis , QC, finds a bullying culture that was target focused in which the needs of patients were ignored. “An appalling failure at every level,” he said.

June 2010 - Third inquiry – Andrew Lansley, Tory health secretary announces a public inquiry into how the regulators failed at Mid Staffs. Also to be chaired by Robert Francis, QC.

Nov 2010 – Dec 2011 – Inquiry hears from 181 witnesses over 139 days of hearings.

6 Feb 2013 – Public inquiry report published

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