A consultant analyzing a mammogram
A consultant analyzing a mammogram

Woman shares photo of her breast to show what cancer symptoms look like

'I felt no lump' writes Kylie Armstrong 

Matt Payton@paytesy89
Friday 11 March 2016 19:15

An Australian woman has shared a photo of her breast online to warn people about the subtle symptoms of breast cancer.

Kylie Armstrong from Melbourne asked others to share her Facebook post to highlight the need for women to remain vigilant of the illness.

The photo shows three small dimples on the underside of her left breast, which are the only discernable signs of the disease.

Neither Ms Armstrong nor her GP were able to feel a lump as the cancer was deep in her breast, "close to the muscle"

Ms Armstrong wrote alongside the picture: "Please take a good look at this photo. These 3 very, very subtle DIMPLES on the bottom of this breast are a sign of breast cancer! This is what my breast cancer looks like

"I felt no lump. The GP felt no lump."

She also wrote about the effect her diagnosis had had on herself and her family.

"We are shocked, we are numb, we are emotional, we are sometimes OK, we are pretending it's not happening, we are trying to absorb information, we are dealing with tests," he said.

"We are crying, we are trying to continue as normal."

Her message to other women was simple: "I am sharing this because I hope I can make people aware that breast cancer is not always a detectable lump.

"Please go straight to your GP if you notice ANY change in your breast. It could save your life.

"Please share to spread awareness."

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