The Reddit user answered an array of personal questions
The Reddit user answered an array of personal questions

'I still feel mostly indifferent about my penis': Trans woman opens up about her transition

She answered some very personal questions

Dave Maclean
Monday 24 October 2016 14:54

A transgender woman who medically transitioned using hormone replacement therapy says she feels "mostly indifferent" about her penis - but wants to "get rid of it" because it makes it difficult to wear some clothes.

The 24-year-old from Pennsylvania opened up about the two-year process and its aftermath during a revealing question and answer session on Reddit.

The planned penis removal will have to wait, though, because she wants to conceive with her girlfriend naturally, "and I'll need my equipment for that".

She posted a full gallery showing the transition from a man with stubble to a woman with a natural feminine body.

She also revealed the surprising moment she felt like a woman - when a man ogled her on the train.

She said: "I was taking the train to go visit my girlfriend and I had femme'd myself a bit.

"I sat down and the guy in front of me turned around and gave me the once-over and said 'hey beautiful, whatchu doin'.

"I thought to myself 'well I guess this is going to be a thing that happens to me now, I feel more like a piece of meat than a person'."

Growing up, the woman - who did not give her name - said she dreamed of being a different gender, and when she finally made her decision she sat down with those closest to her, assuring them she'd done lots of research.

She takes estrogen and progesterone, and an anti-androgen to block the production of testosterone.

As a result, she said that she feels "much, much weaker" than her former self, adding: "I'm probably weaker than my girlfriend at this point."

While the hormones she takes are relatively inexpensive at $40 a month, full genital surgery costs from $12,000 to $30,000.

Sex has changed and is non-penetrative: "I have sex with my girlfriend the way most lesbian couples would".

Facial hair is no longer an issue thanks to electrolysis to kill the roots, which has dealth with 98% of the hair growth.

She said the most difficult part of transitioning was changing her voice, saying it took "four months of solid practice" to master the basics, and a further years to finesse it.

But there are some positive changes she's noticed in life as a woman: "Men go out of their way to hold doors for me or ask me if I need help now.

"Women are much more comfortable around me now, and will socialise with me more."

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