Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence

Here are the ages you peak at everything throughout life

Chris Weller,Skye Gould
Friday 17 March 2017 14:14

Aging can seem like a scary prospect, but a wealth of scientific studies have found that youth isn't all it's cracked up to be. There are plenty of cases in which human beings peak well into middle and old age.

Teenagers, for instance, may have vitality on their side, but older people are generally more psychologically stable. And so it goes with several phenomena people experience as they age.

Many of the points mark the middle of an age range that scientists have identified, which means they are all determined by averages. Some are also surveys, not controlled trials, so there is a possibility the self-reports don't capture the most accurate picture.

But in many cases, the numbers keep cropping up for a reason, which is that life isn't a downhill slide from youth.

Here's what you have to look forward to.

- 7 year's old: Learning a new language

- 18 year's old: Brain processing power

- 22 year's old: Remembering names

- 23 year's old: Life satisfaction

- 25 year's old: Muscle strength

- 26 year's old: Finding a partner for marriage

- 28 year's old: Running a marathon

- 30 year's old: Bone mass

- 31 year's old: Playing chess

- 32 year's old: Remembering faces

- 39 year's old: Salary (women)

- 40 year's old: Making a Nobel Prize winning discovery

- 48 year's old: Salary (men)

- 50 year's old: Arithmetic skills

- 51 year's old: Understanding people's emotions

- 69 year's old: Life satisfaction (again)

- 71 year's old: Vocabulary

- 74 year's old: Happiness with your body

- 82 year's old: Psychological wellbeing

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