How to have perfect hygiene — according to science

Lydia Ramsey,Samantha Lee
Tuesday 03 October 2017 10:50

When it comes to your daily hygiene routine — from your flossing habits to your nightly shower — you might think you've got everything down pat.

But we're here to shake things up.

Heeding advice from medical associations and professionals, we compiled the optimal ways to keep yourself clean, healthy. and looking sharp.

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1. How often should I wash my hair?

The short answer? Nobody needs to wash their hair everyday. Beyond that, it depends on your skin type: if you have normal or dry skin, once or twice a week should do the trick.

2. How often should I brush my teeth?

The American Dental Association recommends you brush twice a day for two minutes, although they don’t specify what time of day these brushing should happen. So long as you do a good brushing before bed, you should be set. While you sleep, your mouth salivates less, which can lead to cavities.

3. When's the best time to put on antiperspirant or deodorant?

The ideal time is right before you go to sleep. That way, if you’re using an antiperspirant, it has time to close your armpit’s sweat ducts before they have a chance to get sweating in the morning. Most last at least 24 hours, so no worries about not making it to the end of the workday.

4. How often should I shower?

Most of us shower too much. Dermatologists told Buzzfeed that we only need to really shower once every two-to-three days, though that depends on where you live and how often you exercise. As for the morning vs. night debate? That depends on a lot of factors, but if you’re prone to oily skin, it might be ideal to shower at night, Greatist reports.

5. How often should I floss?

The American Dental Association recommends flossing once a day, but an August 2016 AP report questions that recommendation, showing that the effectiveness of flossing has never been researched. Without that evidence, it’s possible that flossing might not be necessary.

6. Should I use mouthwash?

According to the UK’s National Health Service, using a mouthwash containing fluoride can help prevent tooth decay, but you shouldn’t do it right after brushing your teeth. It’s a lot more optional than brushing your teeth, and not everyone needs it.

7. How often should I cut/clean my nails?

This depends on how long you want your nails, but about once every week or two should do the trick, or whenever they start to get unwieldy. Just be sure when you do it to not leave any jagged edges that can catch and possibly tear the nail.

8. How often should I clean my glasses?

According to Optometry Australia, so long as it’s "regularly," you should be in good shape. Ideally, regularly means before they get so smudgy that you can’t see. And when that happens, whatever you do, don’t use your shirt. You don’t necessarily need a fancy spray — just dishwashing soap and some water — but be sure to rub it off with a clean cotton cloth.

9. How often should I change my razors?

This will depend of course, on the razor, but if it feels like it’s pulling on your skin, it’s likely getting dull, and it’s time to switch. To keep it sharper for longer, be sure to rinse the blades with hot water after using, and let it air dry so it doesn’t rust.

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