How to wrap a present: video guide to perfectly wrapping all your Christmas gifts

Wrapping made easy.

Marta Portocarrero,Ryan Ramgobin
Monday 21 December 2015 16:19
Wrapping made easy

Different Christmas, same struggle. You negotiate your way through busy high street stores in the quest to secure that special present for a loved one. Eureka! You've made it home, with everything ticked off the list. Time for a cuppa.

With the hard work complete, it’s time to switch off. Wrapping? That can wait; I’m too busy listening to Boney M’s Mary’s Boy / Oh My Lord on repeat.

Days roll by and we continue to put it off. Thoughts like “can I get away without doing it?” and “the kids are too old, anyway” start to creep in. And it’s not because of laziness but confusion – how on earth do I wrap that?

Well, that problem exists no more. Thanks to the internet, there will be no lame excuses as to why Father Christmas did not wrap this year.

There are hundreds of how-to guides on YouTube and in the video above we have complied the most helpful.

Credit to Paper Guru and Nd M.

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