Woman writes down everything her husband says in his sleep and texts it to him

'It's so much fun to bring it up the next day over breakfast'

Roisin O'Connor
Wednesday 06 January 2016 13:46

If you’re a light sleeper, sharing a bed with someone who snores or talks in their sleep could be a waking nightmare.

But one woman has found a way to make her husband’s midnight mumbles a little more entertaining by messaging him all the incoherent but highly amusing things he comes out with.

"LongTitlesMakeMeHappy" (AKA Aidan) has taken screenshots of all the messages his wife sends him and posted them on Imgur, explaining: "I talk in my sleep and my wife messages me what I say."

Under the Imgur user name yourwife she adds: "He wakes me up so easily - I'm such a light sleeper. Plus it's so much fun to bring it up the next day over breakfast!

Sometimes he puts on accents:

Points to anyone who knows which episode of Family Guy he's talking about:

(She is actually a teacher)

Sometimes she feels as though she’s in a surrealist film from the 1920s:

And as for this:

Rule No.1: No cheese before bed

The woman behind the texts, Lindsay Stamhuis, told the Independent: "Aidan's been a sleep talker for as long as I've known him," she said, "but when we first moved in together I started trying to remember what he'd been saying." (She started writing them down in 2014)

"The best thing he's ever done was also the funniest - he was taking a martial arts class, and one night he started telling me that I was his sparring partner. I asked what he meant by sparring partner. He said something to the effect of: 'Like fighting.' So I asked him 'Fighting? How?' And he brought his hand up and tapped it on the end of my nose. He literally said 'Boop' when he did it. I nearly died laughing and I thought I'd woken him up, so I asked him if he knew what he just did. He said 'Yup!' And then he did it again! Bopped me on the nose. It was hilarious! I wish I had a recording of it."

Lindsay, from Edmonton, Alberta, added that she knows when Aidan is sleep-talking because "he talks faster than when he's awake".

Aidan told The Independent that he was "a little surprised" by the huge positive reaction" but said he was "more surprised by why".

"All the comments and shares are about people's own sleep-talking stories. It's apparently way more common than I thought, and everybody is a little surreal and Python-esque funny when they're asleep."

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