Moby gets ‘vegan for life’ tattooed on his neck

‘I’ve been a vegan for almost 32 years, so getting this tattoo seemed like a pretty safe bet’

Sabrina Barr
Wednesday 18 September 2019 12:14

Moby has proved his commitment to veganism with a new "Vegan for life" tattoo.

The musician and animal rights activist revealed his new neck ink in an Instagram post.

The 54-year-old explained that he has been a vegan for almost 32 years, "so getting this tattoo seemed like a pretty safe bet".

"Also, working for animal rights and animal liberation is my life's work. And to state the obvious, it's a double entendre," he added.

Moby thanked tattoo artist Kat Von D for inking the statement on the right hand side of his neck.

Moby's Instagram post prompted hundreds of comments from social media users.

"We LOVE it! Your dedication to helping animals is far beyond the commitment to this tattoo," wrote animal rights organisation Peta.

"Woooah! No hiding that. Looks great," another Instagram user wrote.

However, others were cynical.

"Getting a neck tattoo is never a safe bet," one person remarked.

"Almost 33 years for me but having my eyebrows tattooed was enough," joked a vegan Instagram user.

Someone else questioned how Moby was able to find vegan tattoo ink for the design, considering the fact that not all tattoo ink is vegan.

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Earlier this year, Moby controversially claimed in his memoir Then It Fell Apart that he had briefly dated actor Natalie Portman when she was 20.

In a subsequent interview with Harper's Bazaar UK, Portman denied that she had dated the musician, stating that he had acted in a "creepy" manner towards her when she "had just graduated high school".

Moby later issued a public apology to Portman, having previously said he was "confused" about her denial of their relationship.

“I have a lot of admiration for Natalie, for her intelligence, creativity, and animal rights activism, and I hate that I might have caused her and her family distress,” he wrote on Instagram.

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