Parents open up about regretting the decision to have children

Parents speak candidly about regretting the life-changing decision to have children

Beth Timmins
Sunday 14 May 2017 11:19

Deemed out of bounds for typical conversation topics, people in their droves are frankly answering whether they wished they’d never set out on the hallowed path to becoming a parent.

It’s one of the only life decisions that can’t be undone, but while we are familiar with its complaints and minor irritations, the taboo subject of whether it is ever regretted can rarely come to the fore.

The exhausting, financially draining and at times thankless task has many undesirable features but for others it is their chief joy and raison d'etre.

For those who regret the decision, an honest glimpse of parenthood’s toughest struggles has been caught on Reddit with illuminating results.

Hundreds of commenters candidly discussed the taboo, admitting partner issues, self-doubt and the magnitude of the duty were enough to make them wish they’d done it differently.

One parent highlighted not feeling "cut out for the job" and the irreversibility of the decision to become a parent.

Others mentioned that while they regretted the decision at first, their relationships with their children are now the best of their life.

Waiting until they were older and more financially able to cope with the demands of parenthood were common issues for the commenters.

One person said that while they regret the decision at times, resting and having some hours to yourself can help.

One father shared this sentiment, acknowledging that while he loved his role as a parent, he also sometimes just wants "to be himself."

While every major decision has drawbacks and benefits, rarely can so sensitive a life question be answered in such uninhibited ways.

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