Top toys for Christmas 2012

Tuesday 04 December 2012 11:22

With Christmas rapidly approaching, catalogue pages are being folded and scribbled on (I want THIS in bright red felt-tip) and letters to Santa are being carefully crafted and sent in the post. But what is it that your little ones are asking for this year? Here’s our list of top toys for Christmas 2012 – just in case Santa and his elves miss something.


Yes, it's back, and with a new techno-vengeance we couldn't have possibly imagined way back in 1998 when the first generation appeared on every Christmas list in every household in the UK. As before, Furby has the ability to develop a personality depending on how you treat it and will eventually progress from speaking Furbish to English the more love and attention you give it. Seeing as we're in 2012 though, translating their odd language is as easy as swiping your smart phone - you got it, there's an app for that! They also now have LED eyes which can communicate an array of emotions so you'll know when to give them some TLC, feed it some food via your phone or let it go to sleep.

Nerf N-Strike Tech Target

Any fan of Nerf Guns will love this target practice accessory. The electronic target system has a score screen and sounds to test shooting skills, as well as three exciting games to keep things different. If anything, buying one of these for any household with Nerf Guns will stall the shooting of mum when she's cooking, trying to watch telly, on the loo. For more Nerf accessories and guns, hop on over to Argos.

VTech Innopad

This nifty educational number is something every child will want to unwrap this Christmas. It's education disguised as a trendy tablet, so they won't even know they're learning and will be the envy of the playground. With apps to help them develop their maths, reading and creative skills already installed, there'll be no need to download anything straight away - just turn on and go! Christmas morning has never been so simple.

Baby Annabell

Every Christmas a lifelike doll makes the definitive Christmas list, and this year is no exception. Baby Annabell comes in as one of Argos' top toys for girls this year, and with her yawning, babbling and gurgling away she's the ideal playmate. She also comes with a wide range of accessories that help your child develop social skills and sense of responsibility.

Web Shooting Spiderman

With the new Spidey film coming out this summer, it's no surprise that the Amazing Spiderman has made his way back onto Christmas lists of kids old and new - who wouldn't want a Peter Parker able to shoot a web? Exactly. Even if your child hasn't added this to their list, your husband, brother or dad probably has in an attempt to recreate days gone by.

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