Business Diary: 27/02/2010

Saturday 27 February 2010 01:00

Remember when AIG was rolling in cash?

AIG, the bust insurer currently defending a sex discrimination law suit from two female staff members, must be embarrassed by revelations in the case. One of the women claims she was told off for scrutinising the company's corporate credit card bills. To which her boss replied: "We make too much money to be worried about that kind of thing."

Stelios promises Ryanair a battle

Stelios Haji-Ioannou has published the details of his libel case against Ryanair and its boss, Michael O'Leary, who he says called him a liar in adverts. "O'Leary has been running Ryanair like his own little fiefdom for too long and he has developed an ego to match that of Napoleon," says Stelios. "But every Napoleon has his Waterloo."

Lloyds no-show upsets the BBC

Noses out of joint at the BBC after Lloyds had the nerve not to put Eric Daniels, its chief executive, up for an interview on Today yesterday. Cue on-air grumbles from the presenters and a whinge from economics correspondent Hugh Pym. Then online business editor Jeremy Hillman chipped in with a moany blog. Sorry chaps, but Daniels happily faced print journalists later in the day.

Not always so canny in God's own county

Who says Yorkshire folk are always sensible with their money? The Yorkshire Building Society, left, has just revealed its first annual loss in its 146 years – a steep increase in bad debts sent it stumbling into the red.

Another bonus for the bankers

Not everyone has it in for bankers. The FT ArcelorMittal Boldness in Business Awards had only one candidate in mind for its person of the year gong. Step forward Jamie Dimon, boss of JP Morgan Chase. And cue a huge hagiographic profile of the man on the FT's website.

Number of the day: 15.1%

The increase in sales at department store chain John Lewis last week, adding to hopes of a retail recovery.

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