Business Diary: The Sage of Omaha turns rock star

Friday 19 March 2010 01:00

Is there nothing to which Warren Buffett cannot turn his hand? Via Berkshire Hathaway, he holds a stake in US insurer Geico, whose staff traditionally make a video for the annual general meeting. This year that video stars Buffett rocking out and singing a power ballad Geico staff wrote – in bandana and wig, right, he looks remarkably like Axl Rose from Guns N' Roses. Check it out on YouTube.

Tory MEP shows a lack of gratitude

After the European Commission's snide remarks about Labour's economic policies this week, you might have thought Tory MEP Syed Kamall would feel well disposed to our friends in Brussels. Not a bit of it – he's too busy being enraged about the bailout of Greece. "If France and Germany really want to share a currency with Greece they should enforce the Eurozone's fiscal rules on irresponsible politicians in Athens rather than making up new rules for responsible traders in London," Kamall complains.

Are the Ryanair folk feeling off-colour?

We are seriously concerned about the health of the folk in charge of Ryanair's marketing department. While the British Airways dispute has been rumbling on for weeks, the usually opportunistic budget airline has only now got round to an attempt to cash in. Still, at least the Ryanair release is characteristically cheeky, suggesting BA passengers switch to it at Easter, even though cabin crew staff have promised not to strike over the holiday weekend.

Fighting families spell trouble for publisher

Can't wait for Family Wars, a new book from Kogan Page on the feuds behind the scenes at family-run businesses such as "Guchi, Ford, Gallo, Guiness and Pathak" [sic]. There may be a row at the publisher itself when managers realise two of the family names are spelled wrong on their pre-publication publicity.

Save your breath

Today's award for research that proves the absolutely obvious goes to the Institution of Civil Engineers. Its latest survey suggests that "potholes send road satisfaction downhill". Who would have thought it?

Number of the day: 40%

The pay cut taken by Rob Woodward, the boss of Scottish broadcaster STV. His salary fell to £418,000 last year.

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