More than a third of 18 to 23-year-olds expect a promotion within six months of starting their first job

Pay remains an important factor for young people’s views on career progression

Shafi Musaddique
Friday 13 October 2017 15:18 BST
The 'post-millennial' generation have high expectations on job promotions
The 'post-millennial' generation have high expectations on job promotions

More than a third of 18-23 year olds expect to be promoted within six months of starting a first job, a new survey suggests.

Conference call firm Powwownow, which conducted the survey of a thousand people belonging to the so-called Generation Z, said nearly fifth of young men expect a promotion in under three months compared to just one in 20 women.

Over a quarter of 18-23 year old men are willing to leave a job within a year, compared to just 13 per cent of young women.

More young people in Northern Ireland consider leaving a job within a year and expect promotion within six months than anywhere else in the UK.

The research suggests pay is an important factor for young people’s views on career progression.

The vast majority of Generation Z considers a salary increase to be the main benefit of receiving a promotion.

Nearly three quarters of women said that they felt salary was the biggest benefit of a promotion. Regionally, most people in the South West agreed.

More women than men said they feel valued by colleagues after receiving a promotion. More men than women said that they look forward to a promotion resulting in a new job title.

Jason Downes, managing director of Powwownow, urged UK businesses to recognise the ambitions of young people entering in the workplace.

“These young professionals are simply looking for a workplace that suits their personal needs and long-term career goals, and in return, will prove loyal”, he said.

“Many will stay with an employer for long periods of time if they feel they are being supported, recognised for their work, and given the tools that allow them [to] work productively and, ultimately, progress. In order to hold onto industry leading talent, employers need to evaluate how they support, recognise and promote young professionals within their business.”

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