McDonald's shuts branches across US during 'Day Without Immigrants' protest against Donald Trump

The protest, for which support was largely drummed online, urged foreign-born workers to refuse to participate in the US economy for a day

Zlata Rodionova
Friday 17 February 2017 09:21
'Day Without Immigrants' protest sees Americans take to the streets

McDonald’s outlets across the United States, along with hundreds of other restaurants and businesses, closed their doors on Thursday as protests against President Donald Trump’s immigration policies swept the country.

The Day Without Immigrants protest, for which support was largely drummed online, urged foreign-born workers to refuse to participate in the US economy for a day.

Schools, restaurants and grocery stores shut across the country, in a direct response to Mr Trump’s promise to seal the southern US-Mexico border and his suspended ban on citizens from seven majority-Muslim countries.

It remains unclear whether the fast food giant voluntarily closed its outlets or if it was unable to operate as a result of workers not showing up to work however many burger fans shared updates via Twitter and Facebook on locations that were closed or operating on a limited service.

FoxNashville reported on Twitter: “McDonald’s in Green Hills only taking orders in drive-thru due to shortage of workers who are participating in #DayWithoutImmigrants."

Tony Hernandez said: “Kudos to each & every @McDonalds that closed today in supports of #ADayWithoutImmigrants I will treat my staff to lunch at McD tomorrow.”

"I was going to stop at McDonald's for breakfast, but it's closed," a Facebook user from New Jersey wrote.

"I hear it's closed because this is the day immigrants are taking off as protest to Trump's immigration law. I was annoyed at first until I realized why it was closed. Now I'm in full support of anything that goes against Trump and his ilk," he added.

"The purpose of the protest is to show just how disruptive immigration changes by the government could impact consumers' everyday life," Darren Tristano, president of research and consulting firm Technomic, told CNBC.

"For McDonald's franchisees and company stores, it is likely best to close the restaurant versus trying to manage the restaurant with an inadequate service staff. Although many customers will see this is an inconvenience, many will understand."

Celebrity chef Rock Bayless closed four of his restaurants in Chicago out of respect to his staff.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, more than 250 businesses closed their doors. More than 100 businesses, restaurants, and shops shut in Michigan.

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