Website to sell Gorbals memorabilia

By Paul Kelbie,Scotland Correspondent
Tuesday 07 January 2014 05:44

The Gorbals, once synonymous worldwide with poverty and violence, has become the focus for an unlikely brand of nostalgia., a website that receives more than 70,000 hits a month from former residents and their descendants, is to open an online store selling memorabilia including paintings, old street signs and hand-crafted replicas of tenements.

Items such as Gorbals sweets and rubble from demolished buildings in the area could soon be available.

Nicola Rossiter, who set up the charity that runs the website, said: "Many use the site to link up with former neighbours and friends and reminisce about the old days.

"People were asking if anyone had Gorbals memorabilia, such as postcards or even towels from the old corporation wash house and baths. That's when we decided to set up a Gorbals shopping mall."

Former residents of what was Europe's worst slum include the civil rights barrister Lady Kennedy of the Shaws, the tea magnate Sir Thomas Lipton, the architect Alexander "Greek" Thompson, and Alan Pinkerton, founder of the detective agency.

The village grew up on the south side of the Clyde at its most westerly crossing point, and was once a sanctuary for lepers and plague victims from the city across the river.

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