Cambridge University students forced to remove 'overly sexualised' May ball promotional video

Hughes Hall college decided footage ‘may reflect badly on them’, student says

Eleanor Busby
Education Correspondent
Monday 12 February 2018 16:44
Advert for Cambridge students' 'Forest of Sin' ball that was deemed too raunchy

Cambridge University students have been forced to take down an “overly sexualised” promotional video for their May ball after college dons said it could reflect badly on the institution.

Hughes Hall college took issue with the trailer for the “Forest of Sin” post-exams evening – which features masked men and women in black tie and ball-gowns escaping into the woods, apparently to kiss.

The video – which also shows students pouring champagne into each other’s mouths – was removed from the May ball’s website page after dons complained.

Georgia Ziebart, one of the presidents of Hughes Hall May ball, told the Tab: “The trailer was removed because college thought it was overly sexualised and may reflect badly on them.

“While we thought the trailer was sexy and fun, it appears we may have overstepped the mark and therefore agreed to take it down.”

A spokesperson for Hughes Hall said: “The college has a duty of care to its students, including their online welfare, and had understandable concerns about the nature and content of the May ball trailer.

“The student May ball committee kindly agreed to remove the video from the May ball website and social media until we are able to have a more detailed discussion with committee members on Monday.”

Last week, the University of Cambridge admitted to having a “significant problem” with sexual misconduct after it received 173 complaints in just nine months.

The majority of complaints (119) were made by students alleging sexual misconduct by other students.

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