Report suggests adding social media to primary learning

Wednesday 25 March 2009 15:37

The success of Twitter, blogs and wikipedia have earned them a place in the primary school National Curriculum, according to a leaked review to be published next month.

The review, commissioned by Schools Secretary Ed Balls and written by Sir Jim Rose, reportedly suggests that the government reduces the current 13 standalone subjects to six 'learning areas', one of which could include digital media, including Twitter, blogging and Wikipedia. The teaching of digital media will not, however, be at the expense of conventional subjects, where teachers will, similarly, be allowed to select topics to teach in class

Other suggestions include the suggestion that children should learn to spell-check essays on a computer while also learning to spell in their own handwriting.

Sir Jim Rose, who previously headed up education watchdog Ofsted, is responsible for the report, which is intended to be a "root and branch" examination of the primary education system. His report also suggest that children be able to place historical events within chronological order, understand physical health and well-being and use the calculator less than in the current system.

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