i launches 'i Saturday’ by popular demand


Tuesday 01 July 2014 11:59

i, the UK’s newest and most innovative newspaper, is due to launch ‘i Saturday’ on Saturday 7th May, by popular demand.

i, the first national newspaper to be launched for 25 years, will now be producing a concise quality Saturday edition for just 30p.

Providing an essential weekend briefing across the UK and Ireland, i Saturday will combine intelligence with brevity, and depth with speed of reading.

The new one-section edition of i will provide the ultimate briefing to give everything you need for your weekend, in a concise and non-bulky format.

The requests from readers reflect the appetite for i, which earlier in the year extended its launch across the whole of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland. The UK wide launch followed a TV advertising campaign featuring Independent columnist Dom Joly and Jemima Khan.

Launched in October 2010, i is specifically targeted at readers and lapsed readers of quality newspapers, and those of all ages who want a comprehensive digest of the news in printed form.

i has since gone on to achieve a circulation of 172,250, and a combined circulation of 355,000 copies a day with its sister paper, The Independent (outselling the Guardian).

Created by The Independent, i is designed for readers who want a concise, quality daily paper for 30p, and now a quality weekend edition for just 40p. (Prices updated Spring 2014.)

Simon Kelner, Editor-in-Chief of i and The Independent, said of the new launch:

“With the growing success of the weekday edition of i, it is natural that we would want to add a Saturday edition. The demand from readers has been such that this is a no-brainer, and we are looking forward to producing a quality one-section companion to the weekend.”

Andrew Mullins, Managing Director of i and The Independent, said:

“The forthcoming Saturday launch reflects the success we have had so far with i. As the circulation figures for i continue to hold strong, it shows the appetite readers in the UK have for a digested quality read. We have very high hopes for our Saturday edition.”

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