Pupil’s ingenious answer to dealing with tornadoes scores high marks with internet users

The pupil mistook an exam instruction for a multiple choice answer and somehow made the most sense

Kate Ng
Saturday 12 December 2015 10:26
The pupil's hilarious answer to a question on tornado safety
The pupil's hilarious answer to a question on tornado safety

A pupil's very literal answer to a question on tornado safety gets high scores by internet users for being very sensible, if not quite correct.

A picture of the ingenious exam answer was posted on image-sharing site Imgur by user Patsfan94, with the caption “Kid’s take on tornado safety”, and has been viewed over 2 million times.

The question asked was: “In your opinion, which location would be the most dangerous during a tornado?”

The pupil is then instructed to “Circle one” and given three multiple choice answers: “In school”, “At a park” and “In a store”.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, the pupil mistook the instruction for an answer choice, and decided that was the most sensible answer.

When asked to explain their answer, they wrote: “It is way to [sic] dangerous to circle a tornado.”

Imgur and Reddit users were quick to praise the pupil for his super-sensibility, saying he definitely was “not wrong” since circling a tornado would indeed be the most dangerous thing to do.

One Reddit user pointed out the exam was laid out poorly, as the instruction could easily be confused for an answer.

Another Reddit user mulled the physics of the answer over, and concluded: “If you circle one [tornado] at the right speed and the right direction, it’ll only feel like a nice breeze.”

They were countered by another user who commented such a phenomenon would only work if one was The Flash, a fictional superhero with super-speed.

One user lamented the pupil’s answer sounded “like me when I get to the end of a long paper and still needed a page and a half to meet the arbitrary length requriements”.

Several Imgur users wanted to know what the pupil’s answer was to the question, asking the pupil to write a tongue twister describing a tornado.

Tornadoes are more common in the US than any other country, and tornado safety is taught in many schools across the country. Florida is one of the most tornado-prone states, but the Midwest and Great Plains experience particularly intense tornadoes.

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