'Midsomer Murders' – the top 10 killer facts

Sunday 15 February 2009 01:00

1. John Nettles' daughter, Emma, works for the police force in Jersey.

2. The original title for the series was 'Barnaby'.

3. The wedding congregation seen in 'Blood Wedding' was made up of journalists.

4. 'The Killings at Badger's Drift', Caroline Graham's 1987 book that inspired the series, was voted one of the top 100 crime novels of all time.

5. Betty Willingale, co-producer of 'Midsomer Murders', was the first to spot the potential in Caroline Graham's book.

6. John Nettles was forced to take out a court injunction against a 50-year-old stalker.

7. Nettles met his wife Catherine Sealey when she was pulled on stage from the audience by Les Dawson.

8. An episode was part of ITV's Millennium Eve line-up.

9. Phyllis Calvert made one of her last screen appearances in the drama before she died in 2002, aged 87.

10. The village of Hambleden in Buckinghamshire, which was a backdrop for 'Midsomer Murders', was put on sale for £30m in 2003.

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