The News Matrix: Thursday 4 April 2013


Wednesday 03 April 2013 23:58

Treaty on arms trade gets green light

The United Nations has approved a global Arms Trade Treaty, which seeks to regulate the weapons industry and keep arms out of the hands of human-rights abusers. But there is concern that some of the world’s biggest weapons manufacturers will refuse to sign up. North Korea, Syria and Iran voted against the treaty, while Russia and China abstained. MORE

Explanation of dark matter may be close

Scientists may have found the footprint of dark matter and started to unravel one of the Universe’s greatest mysteries. The first results from the £1.3bn Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer have revealed tantalising evidence from fast-moving particles. They seem to bear the signature of collisions between atoms of dark matter, the mysterious “stuff” that binds the cosmos together. MORE

US to send defences to island over threat

The Pentagon has announced that it will send its missile-defence system to the Pacific island of Guam in light of increasing tensions with North Korea. The rogue state has now barred South Korean workers from entering a jointly-run factory park just over the heavily armed border in the North, further enflaming the situation. MORE

Greater risk of heart disease for bald men

Men who lose the hair from the crown of their heads have up to a 70 per cent greater risk of heart disease, a report has claimed. A study of 40,000 men showed that the younger they are when they lose their hair, the greater the risk. MORE

Israel tells Hamas to rein in militants

Israel pressed Hamas yesterday to rein in rocket-firing militants in Gaza after the most serious cross-border hostilities since the eight-day war in November. The flare-up was sparked by the death from cancer of a Palestinian held by Israel. MORE

Army calls off hunt for warlord Kony

The army has called off its hunt through the jungles of central Africa for the fugitive warlord Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army fighters after rebels seized control of the Central African Republic last month.

MP directs followers to hardcore porn site

Tory MP Rob Wilson was embarrassed yesterday when he tweeted a link supplied by someone at Conservative headquarters thinking it was for an article about the welfare debate. In fact, the link sent his followers to a hardcore pornography website. The party apologised for the matter, blaming a “technical hitch”.

Howard Jacobson chases a pig

Howard Jacobson is among authors nominated to win a pig, or at least the naming rights to the animal, for the Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize for Comic Fiction. Jacobson has been short-listed for his novel Zoo Time, putting him in contention to have a Gloucestershire Old Spot pig named after his book.

Bidder pays £18,600 to dine with top chef

A rare chance to dine with world-famous Spanish restaurateur Ferran Adria sold at auction yesterday for £18,673. Bidding started at £3,300 for the meal with Adria, often cited as the planet’s most talented and imaginative chef. An online bidder beat four others at the Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong.

Premier League comedian cautioned

A comedian who duped security at a Premier League football match and warmed up next to players has escaped prosecution. Simon Brodkin, 35, who appears in the BBC’s Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show, was given a six-month conditional caution following the stunt ahead of Manchester City’s game against Everton on 16 March.

Jay Leno out, Jimmy Fallon in

Talk show presenter Jimmy Fallon will assume one of the most visible positions in US television next year as the new host of The Tonight Show, succeeding Jay Leno. Leno “will wrap up what will be 22 years of headlining the iconic late-night show in spring 2014”, NBC said in a statement.

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