#BlameCorbyn: Jeremy Corbyn 'blamed' for everything over the weekend in response to tax credits article

The Labour leader had a busy couple of days

Monday 26 October 2015 14:44
Jeremy Corbyn's withering response to MPs laughing at his questions
Jeremy Corbyn's withering response to MPs laughing at his questions

Jeremy Corbyn was responsible for virtually every mishap over the weekend, at least judging by the number of #blamecorbyn tweets bouncing around the Twittersphere.

The satirical hashtag was started in response to a cartoon by The Telegraph's sketch writer Michael Deacon called ‘Don’t want cuts to tax credits? Blame Jeremy Corbyn.’

Deacon suggested George Osborne would be more likely to back down over the unpopular proposed cuts to the welfare bill if the Labour party was fronted by a more “credible” leader.

“If George Osborne doesn’t U-turn on his plan to cut tax credits, supporters of Jeremy Corbyn will be furious with him,” Deacon writes. "By electing someone the Tories consider a joke, they’ve made Mr Osborne feel certain he can do whatever he likes, and get away with it – because he’s convinced that even if people hate his cuts, they still aren’t going to vote Corbyn in 2020.

“They should be furious with themselves. Because they helped this to happen.”

The headline triggered a number of tweets suggesting other things the Labour leader should be held responsible for. These are just a few of the many issues over Saturday and Sunday that Mr Corbyn was ‘blamed’ for:

The Chancellor announced plans to cut £4.4 billion from the tax credit bill in his budget in July, leaving around 3.3 million working households £1,300 worse-off annually.

The House of Lords will vote on Monday on whether to reject the cuts, which are opposed by Labour, the Liberal Democrats, and even some members of his own party.

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