Brad Pitt to get a private tour of Dismaland - because seeing the A-lister would 'cheer other visitors up too much'

Seeing Brad Pitt in Dismaland would ruin what is meant to be a 'thoroughly depressing visit' for other park guests

Doug Bolton
Wednesday 26 August 2015 17:48
Banksy was apparently concerned that Pitt's presence would make his park too happy
Banksy was apparently concerned that Pitt's presence would make his park too happy

Brad Pitt is set to get a private tour of Banksy's Dismaland 'bemusement park' - apparently because the anonymous artist was concerned that seeing the Hollywood superstar would cheer the other visitors up too much.

The actor will reportedly visit the park in the early hours of the morning at some point next week, giving him the chance to see the park before it formally opens at 11am.

A source inside the park told the Mirror that Pitt is a big Banksy fan, and was keen to visit the park after hearing of its opening.

However, the source said that "Brad would bring a bit too much glamour to what's meant to be a thoroughly depressing visit, so Banksy granted him special permission to visit before it opens."

The sudden appearance of one of the world's most famous men in Weston-super-Mare would naturally cause some commotion, so it is thought to be best that he will be visiting the park when it is empty.

Dismaland's notoriously difficult website, which previously taunted potential visitors with a fake ticket booking page, is now more functional.

Visitors to the park get to experience a range of dismal and bleak attractions

However, your chances of getting a ticket still look slim. Customers can only buy tickets as far as seven days in advance, so the limited numbers of tickets disappear fairly quickly.

There are limited numbers of tickets available on the door each day - but it's safe to say there will be long queues.

However, tickets are only £3, which is a small price to pay to attend one of the world's most talked-about art shows.

Alongside the park attractions, there is also a gallery featuring new works by Banksy and a number of other artists

Pitt is a long-time admirer of Banksy, and spent £1 million on pieces of his work at a London art auction in 2007.

Bansky, in a rare private commission, also created a mural dedicated to Hurricane Katrina in Pitt and Angelina Jolie's French chateau in 2012.

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