Brian Williams: Disgraced US news anchor reportedly 'given new role at MSNBC'

Anchor's suspension is due to end in August

Rose Troup Buchanan
Thursday 18 June 2015 15:37
Brian Williams was suspended for six months by NBC (Getty)
Brian Williams was suspended for six months by NBC (Getty)

US broadcaster Brian Williams will not return to anchor NBC’s nightly news show following his suspension for fabricating a story he had come under fire during the Iraqi war.

Williams, 56, a highly respected seasoned journalist and broadcaster, was heavily criticised after US army veterans pointed out inconsistencies in his account of a helicopter journey in Iraq in 2003.

As the controversy gained traction, Williams was forced into a on-air apology followed by a six month suspension by NBC without pay after he voluntarily took himself off the air.

Reports indicated today that Williams, who was thought to be earning as much as $10 million annually at his peak, will be offered a role as the new face of MSNBC’s breaking news coverage, CNN Money reported.

However, details remain scare with sources – speaking only on condition of anonymity – indicating that few people at the US news outlet know what will happen when Williams’ suspension ends in August.

"No one knows anything," one anchor at the network reportedly told CNN.

Williams signed a new contract in 2014 with the network to remain as the chief news anchor and at his peak was among the best recognised, and trusted, American news anchors.

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