Eagles of Death Metal: Frontman Jesse Hughes says 'everyone should have access' to guns

The rock group are returning to Paris to perform this week

Olivia Blair@livblair
Tuesday 16 February 2016 12:19
Eagles of Death metal's Jesse Hughes says 'till nobody has guns everyone has to have them'

Jesse Hughes, the frontman of Eagles of Death Metal who performed at the Bataclan the night of the Paris terror attacks, has called for “everyone to have access” to guns.

The band were on stage when armed terrorists stormed the Parisian venue and killed 87 people as part of a series of co-ordinated attacks across the French Capital on 13 November. Isis later claimed responsibility for the massacre.

Hughes, who is returning to Paris with the band to perform at the Olympia venue, has previously made comments advocating gun ownership and told French media outlet iTele the terror attacks have not changed his stance.

When asked about gun control, Hughes, who once said he wanted to be a Republican politician, said it doesn’t have “anything to do with it” but then asked “Did your French gun control stop a single f*****g person from dying? If the answer’s yes I’d like to hear it because I don’t think so.

“I think the only thing that stopped it was some of the bravest men that I’ve ever seen charging head-first into the face of death with their firearms.

“I know people will disagree with me but it just seems that God created men and women and that night guns made it equal, and I hate it that it is that way. I think the only way that my mind has been changed is that maybe until nobody has guns everybody has to have them.

“Because I’ve never seen anyone that’s ever had one dead, and I want everyone to have access to them, and I saw people die that maybe could have lived, I don’t know,” he said through tears.

Hughes is also a member of America's National Rifle Association and recently told the AFP news agency: “I don't go anywhere in America without a gun anymore. That sucks, And I'm not paranoid. I'm not a cowboy... but I wanna be prepared.”

Hughes told the reporter he can’t “let the bad guys win” and said the band feels a “sacred responsibility” to finish their show at the Olympia.

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