EU Referendum: Kay Burley stirs controversy for mistaking Trevor Phillips for David Lammy

'Hi, I mistook you for Mr Lammy a short time ago. I do beg your pardon. Does that happen?'

Maya Oppenheim
Friday 24 June 2016 06:17
Kay Burley confuses Trevor Phillips with David Lammy

Kay Burley has recieved criticism for mistaking Trevor Phillips for David Lammy.

Burley, who has been a news anchor for Sky News since 1988, approached veteran broadcaster Phillips and asked him if he was often mistaken for Labour politician Mr Lammy after her blunder.

Speaking to fellow news presenter Beth Rigby live on Sky News during the EU referendum coverage, Burley gestured towards Phillips in the distance, asking if he was Mr Lammy.

“Am I right in saying, you’ll know better than me, is that Mr Lammy speaking to Mr Green [Damien Green] there,” said Burley.

“No that’s Trevor Phillips,” Rigby replied.

Burley then started to make her way towards Phillips and introduced herself to him.

“Live on Sky, sorry to interrupt. Hi, I mistook you for Mr Lammy a short time ago. I do beg your pardon. Does that happen?” she asked.

Phillips laughed and said it happened all the time.

While Phillips is a veteran broadcaster, Mr Lammy is a Labour political and has been the MP for Tottenham for sixteen years. He ran to be London mayor in 2016.

Burley’s comments have prompted controversy on social media.

“Am I dreaming? Did Kay Burley really just mistake Trevor Phillips for David Lammy live on television?” wrote one Twitter user.

While another added, “Kay Burley mistaking Trevor Philips for David Lammy bad enough, and then she asks him “do you get that often?” #awkward”

Representatives for Burley, Lammy and Phillips did not immediately respond to request for comment.

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