'Feminists hate men': Meet Mike Buchanan, the leader of Britain's new Justice for Men and Boys party

The a former Conservative party consultant said that men and boys are 'absolutely excluded' from British society

Helen Nianias
Wednesday 14 January 2015 16:55
Mike Buchanan is running for seats in the General Election leading the Justice for Men and Boys (And the Women Who Support Them)
Mike Buchanan is running for seats in the General Election leading the Justice for Men and Boys (And the Women Who Support Them)

Mike Buchanan, leader of Justice for Men and Boys, told The Independent that feminists "hate men" and accused women of thinking they're "divine creatures".

Buchanan quit the Tory party in 2009, after David Cameron announced support for all-women parliamentary candidate shortlists and has applied himself to promoting anti-feminism, and has written three books on the topic. As well as saying that feminism is "vile", Buchanan and his party also believe that “fatherhood is being systematically removed from society” which means “taxpayers are subsidising sperm banks for single women and lesbians”.

Party leader Mike Buchanan, a former Conservative party consultant who started his party in 2013, told The Independent: "If you look at it from a gynocentric perspective, [you say] that all our concern must be for women and girls, to the absolute exclusion of men and boys, they can go home – literally if they want to – [we're] pointing out that women are not these divine creatures."

Justice for Men and Boys will be running for three seats in the May General Election - one in Shadow Minister for Women & Equalities Minister Gloria De Piero's seat.

Talking about what inspired him to start the party, Buchanan said: "The state is anti-male; the policy direction is insane. I thought: 'What in God’s name do you do in a democracy with this?' Well, you form a party. We reduced it down to 20 points to form our manifesto."

When asked about the manifesto's emotional tone, Buchanan said: "It is emotional and it damn well should be. The idea that men are emotional automatons who can just take any amount of crap, well men do take a lot of crap but we aren’t emotionless.

"Had I been denied access to my children after my first divorce, I wouldn’t be speaking to you today, I’ve absolutely no doubt about that. Anyone who’s worked with fathers denied access to their children will know a number who’ve committed suicide."

Speaking passionately on the subject of fathers' rights, Buchanan said: "Men are stripped out of their families and become walking wallets because that suits the state. It’s a very well documented feminist objective of 40 years to destroy the nuclear family. You only need to go back to Germaine Greer’s book [The Female Eunuch, 1970] and women like Harriet Harman and Patricia Hewitt have been doing it ever since," he said. "Oh, God they hate men."

Buchanan believes Harriet Harman, deputy leader of the Labour Party, hates men

Buchanan believes that men are perceived as having no value beyond financial. "We have no worth beyond our value to others," he said, "whereas women are born with worth, they grow up knowing they’re valuable. Women don’t get this, that men just have no worth as human beings except in how they support women and children."

Buchanan added: "99.7 per cent of refuge places go to battered women, when there are as many battered women as battered men."

Sandra Horley, chief executive of national domestic violence charity Refuge, told The Independent that abuse of either gender should not be tolerated, although asserted that victims are still predominantly women.

Despite the party's belief that men are at an unfair disadvantage, Justice for Men and Boys has a "fair" female following. "It's not a huge number," Buchanan said, "but a fair number of our supporters are women... they all have a personal reason to support us."

The Independent originally reported that Buchanan's two ex-wives supported him. We'd like to clarify that Buchanan's two children support him in his political endeavours, as he is not in touch with his wives.

Here are a selection of points from JFMAB’s General Election Manifesto:


Children have effectively been removed from the nurturing bosom of the family and, funded by taxpayers’ money, placed under common social care and control in what amounts to state-sponsored institutional child care. Children’s social values are now being shaped by politically correct broader society rather than by their biological parents.


We also take issue with governments continuing to spend large amounts of taxpayers’ money ‘encouraging’girls and young women into STEMM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine) subjects and careers. These subjects were historically the routes to careers for many young men, yet the government is spending £30 million ‘encouraging’ women into engineering careers, although women have for decades expressed little interest in engineering as a career choice.


The state’s policy direction of driving women into paid employment (partly through a tax regime which discourages stay-at-home motherhood) takes no heed of women’s wishes (or otherwise) to enter employment, nor the inevitable impacts on men and children… It should be obvious to the reader that the flipside of ‘advancing the careers of women’ must be ‘holding back the careers of men’.

Domestic violence

When IPV [Intimate Partner Violence] is one-way, the perpetrator is more likely to be a woman than a man. Only 4% of female perpetrators report ‘self-defence’ as a motivation.

Women are as physically aggressive as men towards intimate partners, or more aggressive.

When IPV-related suicides are added to IPV-related murders, men are more likely than women to die as a consequence of IPV.


Under the current law in England and Wales, when a drunken woman has sex, and later regrets the encounter, she’s deemed not to have been in a position to give consent, so she can claim to have been raped. A man in the same situation typically wouldn’t see the encounter in that way – even if he was drunk, and the woman sober.

Mental health

Many of the state’s policy directions contribute to the persistently high male suicide rate, including:

- denying fathers reasonable access to their children following family breakdowns

- weakening the institutions of marriage and the nuclear family

- lack of support for male victims of intimate partner violence (IPV)

Criminal Justice System

The justice system in general is institutionally biased against men, and is the direct cause of a scandalous 'gender justice gap'.

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