James O'Brien stuns caller angry at Corbyn for not singing the national anthem

The LBC host pointed out that the song does not honour anyone in Britain apart from the Queen

Heather Saul@heatheranne9
Thursday 17 September 2015 17:09

James O'Brien left a caller who claimed Jeremy Corbyn's decision not to sing the national anthem was disrespectful speechless after highlighting the hypocrisy of his argument.

The LBC presenter, who once famously had the usually unflappable Nigel Farage grasping for words, stunned a caller who rang to criticise Mr Corbyn for not singing the anthem at a service to mark the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

The new Labour leader is a republican and defended his decision not to sing by saying he had stood in a respectful silence. But the caller argued that choosing not to sing the anthem in a service of remembrance was “disgraceful” and dishonoured soldiers who had fought in world wars to save the freedoms the UK enjoys today.

“But it’s not about the nation, it’s about the Queen,” countered O’Brien.

“There is nothing in the National Anthem that mentions soldiers, dead or alive, that mentions the nation or the country.”

The caller persisted with his argument until he was asked to remind O’Brien of the second verse of the national anthem. He was unable to repeat even the first line.

O'Brien's response to this left him speechless.

“I thought you rang me to remind me of how important it was! Those people died for you. You don’t even know the words! What kind of a disgusting creature are you?

"They died for you, they shed their blood on foreign fields for you, and you don’t even know the words? Unbelievable - except it’s not mate, I’m yanking your chain. It’s a stupid argument to suggest he should have sang it to honour dead soldiers when they don’t get mentioned in the song."

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